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Silversonic information and pricing


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As audio components and recording technology have improved over the years, the sonic contributions of cables have become increasingly significant. With this in mind, Silver Sonic high performance audio cables were designed to provide the highest level of sound quality possible. By combining the finest materials available in electrically efficient, noise canceling geometries, Silver Sonic cables are the most transparent way of carrying musical signal between components. Manufactured in the USA, Silver Sonic audio cables utilize a synergistic combination of silver and oxygen free conductors, special Teflon dielectrics, and vibration damping materials for superior performance. Our pure silver coated conductors have an ultra smooth surface, which preserves the subtlest details of the music, while the Teflon dielectrics eliminate the colorations caused by inferior materials used in other cable. Through the use of vibration damping spacers, special standing patterns and pressure extruded jackets, the resonances that occur in lesser cables are eliminated.

Silver Sonic T-14 High Resolution Speaker Cable

Silver Sonic T-14 High Resolution speaker cable was designed by D.H. Labs to provide high quality sound on a wide range of equipment at a much lower price than competing cables. T-14 uses the finest materials available, including silver coated conductors and a pure Teflon dielectric. Silver coated OFC copper was chosen because it offers most of the advantages of pure silver without the extreme cost. The cable is completely manufactured in the U. S. A. The process begins with strands of high purity OFC copper, which are individually coated with a thick layer of silver. The strands are then tightly wound and extruded with our Teflon insulation. Silver Sonic T-14 uses DuPont TFE, which is the highest grade of Teflon (and the most expensive). It is more difficult to extrude than the other polymers, but its extremely low dissipation factor contributes to its superior sound. The use of Teflon also allowed us to achieve another of our goals, which was a low overall diameter. The cable’s low profile contributes to its attractive appearance, which we believe is important since most people do not have dedicated listening rooms. Our Silver Sonic T-14 speaker cable has a very low capacitance of 21.5 pf per foot. The inductance is also very low, which allows consistant performance with a wide variety of speakers. Vibration damping fillers and a tensioned wrap under the jacket hold the conductors tightly in place, and the cable is completely free from resonances and microphonic effects that cause the loss of resolution. These features make Silver Sonic an excellent choice for both tube and solid state amplifiers.


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Silver Sonic BL-1 Interconnect

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Silver Sonic BL-1 Interconnect is a high performance audio interconnect cable that combines the highest sound quality and reliability available at it price point! In addition of our highly acclaimed Silver Sonic T-14 High Resolution Speaker Cable, Silver Sonic BL-1 is made in the USA and uses the finest mater ails available, including high purity silver, Teflon and oxygen free copper. Silver Sonic BL-1 is a balanced cable designed for use with BOTH RCA and XLR connectors. It is 100% shielded, and can operate in close proximity to digital equipment without noise pickup. The conductors consist of slow drawn oxygen free copper, which are coated with pure silver, the silver coating thickness being chosen to provide optimum synergy with the OFC base metal. The conductors are insulated with a special Teflon copolymer dielectric. This new copolymer requires less heat to extrude, putting less stress on the conductors. Despite its small diameter, the Silver Sonic BL-1 uses large 20 gauge conductors for low signal loss. Every spool is tested for a variety of electrical parameters, and our Teflon insulators are made to the highest standards in the industry. Silver Sonic BL-1 Interconnect cables are terminated with special silver bearing solders and the finest connectors available. Each connector is meticulously hand soldered by carefully trained craftspeople.


Silver Sonic D-75 and D-110 Digital Cables

The D-75 is a precision 75 ohm coaxial digital cable designed for accurate handling of digital audio signal. Several unique features of this cable make it superior for digital audio use:
Solid center conductor - The D-75 utilizes a solid pure copper center conductor, for the most uniform impedance. This minimizes reflections of the signal.
Foam Teflon Dielectric - Our unique large cell Teflon foam has a dielectric constant of under 1.4. This provides extremely low dielectric absorption and signal smearing, as well as preserving the smallest details of the digital signal. (Propagation velocity: 84.6%).
Two (2) Layer Shield - Our dual shield provides 100% coverage for complete immunity to noise. The combination of a 100% aluminum Mylar shield and a heavy 98% braid keeps the ground resistance as low as possible.
Termination - The D-75 is available by the foot or factory terminated with our unique coaxial RCA connector, for minimum reflection and optimum signal transfer. 75 ohm BNC connectors are available as an option.

The Silver Sonic D-110 is a precision 110 Ohm AES/EBU type balanced digital interface cable. 110 Ohm digital cables are most often used to carry digital audio data from A/D converters to digital tape
transports in recording studios. They are also used between CD transports and D/A converters in home hi-fi systems as an alternative to the more common S/PDIF 75 Ohm coaxial interface. 110 Ohm cables are terminated with XLR connectors.
The Silver Sonic D-110 was designed to be a state-of-the-art, no compromise product. We feel it’s sonic performance equals or exceeds all other cables of this type, regardless of price. This level of performance is achieved by combining the finest materials available with the highest level of quality control.
A critical goal for any digital interface cable is to maintain a uniform characteristic impedance. This is achieved in the D-110 through the use of a pure Teflon insulation whose thickness is held to a tolerance of .002 inch (.05 mm). The material is extruded under pressure in order to maintain maximum consistency, which minimizes a phenomenon called "VSWR spikes", a cause of jitter.
Other features of the D-110 include silver coated conductors for improved conductivity, solid rod spacers to maintain a constant impedance, and 100% shield coverage to eliminate noise and interference. Our custom D.H. Labs XLR connectors feature direct-gold-plated, pure OFC copper contact pins, far exceeding industry standards.
If your audio system has the ability to utilize the 110 Ohm digital interface, we recommend auditioning the D-110 before investing large sums of money in other cables. Several recording and mastering studios have already selected the D-110 as their cable of choice.


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Silver Sonic also makes an extensive list of Connectors and Teflon Insulated Hook-up Wire.

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